In today’s digital age, having great communication and collaboration capability is a commercial imperative. Every day, companies work with customers, employees, and partners who are either located far away or spend most of their time in the field.

Collaboration is not just about people working remotely, is not just a matter of technical solutions. It’s about ensuring your employees get work done efficiently, securely, productively and seamlessly, wherever they are and whatever device they are using.

Choosing technologies that are right for your organization involves complex analysis and careful decision-making. We work with market-leading communication and collaboration technology vendors and having expertise in the complete infrastructure lifecycle, we offer a flexible suite of solutions and services to meet your specific needs, budgets, security requirements and operating objectives.


We help you understand your complete environment, explore the opportunities to improve and move forward with confidence.


We help you design, optimize and enhance your infrastructure to set your business for success.

Delivery & Installation

We simplify the deployment process and help you launch new solutions with minimal disruption to your business.


We offer a full support approach in managing your IT infrastructure throughout the technology lifecycle.


We enable you to seamlessly adapt to technology change through comprehensive trainings.

We design, deploy and support the whole stack of communication solutions, from Voice-over-IP (VoIP), audio, video, web conferencing, instant messaging and non-real-time communication services to enterprise-grade email platforms. Starting at the design phase and supporting customers well into post-deployment, our professionals ensure that it delivers real benefits to your business.

If you require a communications and collaboration solution that could help your business save time, money and IT resources, get in touch to discuss which communication and collaboration options can make your business more productive.


We deliver mission-critical solutions that make your business more productive and competitive.

IP Telephony

With IP telephony solutions, your lines no longer go through the traditional network. Voice over IP technology allows voice communications to be transmitted over private networks or the internet. It extends common voice communications services to all of your employees in their workspaces, no matter how close or far they are located.

Integrating VoIP with the IP network enables new voice services not just for the end-user but also for the network systems. The benefits of IP telephony in corporate environments are numerous, including better user efficiency, simple implementation of changes, internal telephony management, an easier connection of different locations to each other, and a possibility of CRM and ERP systems integration.

Having the field experience, technical expertise, and end-to-end support capabilities, we provide expert consultation and management services in all IP Telephony matters – from IP-PBX, VoIP, and SIP solutions to full system design and installation to meet your specific business needs.

Video Conferencing

With remote work becoming the new normal, more businesses rely on video solution software to communicate. Video conferencing solutions have many benefits for businesses: from reduced travel costs to increased collaboration. Implemented effectively, employees can have much more freedom and flexibility to communicate with their colleagues, partners and clients without compromising on the quality and experience of communicating in person.

We offer video conferencing solutions for all types of businesses and requirements, ensuring your company has the right video conferencing solutions and collaboration systems to meet your needs. We advise, design, supply and deliver video communication solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and boost up your team productivity.

Contact Centers

A Web Application Firewall is an application layer, hardware or cloud-based protection system that performs intrusion prevention and content delivery functions to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of internal or public web applications.

A WAF filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP/S traffic to and from a web application to protect against malicious attempts to compromise the system or data.

Using both negative and positive security models web application firewalls provide robust protection against known and unknown (Zero-day) threats and secure a non-disruptive online business operation.

Call Centers

Next Generation Firewall provides real-time advanced threat protection to precisely identify attacks and implement defensive measures across all systems in the network. With the increasing complexity of access issues, network systems security threats and volume of traffic, next generation firewalls are cost effective solutions to secure your network edge, data center, internal segments, and distributed branches. Protecting enterprises of all scales in real-time, it ensures the continuity of your business, while keeping the administration and management simple


Intrusion prevention system is network security appliance that continuously monitors your network or system activities for possible malicious activities. IPS can not only detect threats, but also block any malicious activity on a network in real time.

The IPS works by performing a deep, real-time inspection of every packet that travels across the network. This allows to detect a potential malicious behavior that does not inherently violate firewall rules, but violate corporate security policies.