Unicomp offers solutions for design, development and support of data centers. As one of the few system integrators having accreditations for data center solutions from industry-leading technology providers, we are architecture-independent. This independence allows us to identify and employ the exact combination of hardware and software solutions, as well as the necessary services for your data center.

The development of a successful strategy for a data center requires a strong knowledgebase and a holistic approach that will consider both the company’s business objectives and long-term goals, as well as general IT growth trends.

Our expertise guarantees that your data center is completely tailored to your business needs. We combine our rich experience and knowledgebase with the advisory approach to serve you from IT consulting to engineering.


We help you understand your complete environment, explore the opportunities to improve and move forward with confidence.


We help you design, optimize and enhance your infrastructure to set your business for success.

Delivery & Installation

We offer a full support approach in managing your IT infrastructure throughout the technology lifecycle.


We enable you to seamlessly adopt to technology change through comprehensive trainings.

Whether you want to consolidate your data; virtualize your computing, storage environment or network; we provide a full spectrum of solutions, from transformation of your current facility to building custom data centers from scratch. Our competent team ensures reliable, scalable and cost-effective individualized design plan to meet your operational objectives.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

with Data center Solutions

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disasters come in many shapes and sizes, whether man-made or natural, so making Disaster Recovery a key element in your Business Continuity Plan ensures minimal incurred IT losses while addressing your business needs

While disruptions may be inevitable, downtime can be prevented with the right solutions in place. We have the facilities, people and expertise to partner with you to help ensure your infrastructure, data and operations are protected.

Storage Solutions

Building a scalable storage infrastructure that’s fast is a strategic way to reduce the cost of IT operations. We help you sort through architecture and product options in order to design and implement data center storage solutions that will intelligently and efficiently store, protect and manage your information aligning best with your business needs.

Servers / Computing

A Web Application Firewall is an application layer, hardware or cloud-based protection system that performs intrusion prevention and content delivery functions to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of internal or public web applications.

A WAF filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP/S traffic to and from a web application to protect against malicious attempts to compromise the system or data.

Using both negative and positive security models web application firewalls provide robust protection against known and unknown (Zero-day) threats and secure a non-disruptive online business operation.

Converged Infrastructure

The data center infrastructure has many layers and even more moving parts. Converged infrastructure uses the concept of a modular architecture where all parts function seamlessly together enabling organizations to install, upgrade and scale their operations easily, reliably and affordably.

Our experts can help size, customize and deliver converged infrastructure solutions that meet your needs and scale with your business.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure is more than just merging storage and compute into a single solution.

Hyperconverged infrastructures feature a softwar-centric architecture that unify computing, storage, networking and software into a single solution that minimizes your data center complexity and increases scalability.  When the entire IT stack of multiple infrastructure components is combined into a software-defined platform, you can accomplish complex tasks in minutes instead of hours.

Data Center and Data Recovery Site Design

Having the right data center and data recovery systems in place is essential to protecting your business. Every data center project comes with its own unique parameters and requirements, so it’s necessary to identify the best-fit data center and data recovery site design for your organization to operate efficiently.

The result is an always available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable, and maintainable data center environment that help you manage mission critical information.

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Traditional data centers are outdated. Compute, storage, and security demands are constantly increasing, leaving organizations to find better ways to handle their data management. Virtualization solutions allow you to simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce costs through server consolidation and reduced operating expenses. Our data center virtualization solutions help you increase administrative control while protecting your firm’s most critical data.

Data Center Security

Security and compliance are essential for today’s data-centric enterprises. Your data center hosts critical data and contains your core assets. Protecting the modern data center requires greater flexibility and innovation to keep pace with the rapidly evolving data center solutions and technologies.

With the wide array of data center solutions we offer you can secure and protect your assets regardless of where they are stored.

With the wide array of data center solutions we offer you can secure and protect your assets regardless of where they are stored.