The advent of unified communications, mobility, cloud computing and data center virtualization affects and drastically changes the ways companies interact with their employees, partners and clients. The trend of consumerization of IT requires a network that will provide both the necessary flexibility and speed.

Nowadays a greater number of people with different types of devices require access to the corporate network of the company. New devices, in their turn, change traffic pattern, introducing additional security threats. Moreover, the size of network traffic also grows quite noticeably. It all adds up to the necessity of upgrading network infrastructure and today for many companies network infrastructure upgrade is one of the vital questions.


We help you understand your complete environment, explore the opportunities to improve, and move forward with confidence.


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Delivery & Installation

We simplify the deployment process and help you launch new solutions with minimal disruption to your business.


We offer a full support approach in managing your IT infrastructure throughout the technology lifecycle.


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A reliable network is a guarantee of success for your company’s IT strategy, providing a flexible environment to serve the evolving requirements of your workforce, without risking accessibility or security, and creating a communication platform your business can rely on.

Our role as an IT solutions provider is to help drive your business productivity through technology, to stay competitive in the global market. For that very reason, we deliver the best network solutions for your business, from network design and deployment to migration or enhancement of the existing infrastructure – providing the required security measures.


We deliver mission-critical solutions that make your business more productive and competitive.

Enterprise Wired Networks

Data leakage prevention solutions can help to safeguard critical business information and prevent data breaches. DLP solutions discover, monitor and protect sensitive data on both the network and endpoint level to ensure data protection and policy compliance across the whole organization. DLP allows you to keep your data safe from accidental or malicious data leak by insiders (internal sources)

Enterprise Wireless Networks

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) offers a real-time centralized security event collection and management, generated by all kinds of applications and hardware across a network.

SIEM tools not only detect and defend against active threats but also provide a detailed analysis and event correlation including user and behavior analysis, which can give you an overall picture of your network (vulnerabilities) and a better understanding of your security threat landscape.

Software-Defined Networks

A Web Application Firewall is an application layer, hardware, or cloud-based protection system that performs intrusion prevention and content delivery functions to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of internal or public web applications.

A WAF filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP/S traffic to and from a web application to protect against malicious attempts to compromise the system or data.

Using both negative and positive security models web application firewalls provide robust protection against known and unknown (Zero-day) threats and secure a non-disruptive online business operation.

Network Monitoring

Next Generation Firewall provides real-time advanced threat protection to precisely identify attacks and implement defensive measures across all systems in the network. With the increasing complexity of access issues, network systems security threats and volume of traffic, next-generation firewalls are cost-effective solutions to secure your network edge, data center, internal segments, and distributed branches. Protecting enterprises of all scales in real-time, it ensures the continuity of your business, while keeping the administration and management simple

Network Design

An intrusion prevention system is a network security appliance that continuously monitors your network or system activities for possible malicious activities. IPS can not only detect threats but also block any malicious activity on a network in real-time.

The IPS works by performing a deep, real-time inspection of every packet that travels across the network. This allows detecting a potential malicious behavior that does not inherently violate firewall rules but violates corporate security policies.

Network Security

Hardware security modules are appliances that performs crypto processing. The HSM helps to protect sensitive data that should never be accessed by outsiders, and gives control over crypto keys.

These appliances provide highest level of physical security for the applications critical for your business continuity by securely managing, processing, and storing cryptographic keys inside a hardened, tamper-evident and intrusion-resistant device.