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Price Range:
 Less than 50 000 (2)
 HP (2)
Watt-hour capacity:
 63Wh (1)
 73Wh (1)
Battery Voltage:
 10.8V (2)
Amp-hour capacity:
 5.1Ah (1)
 N/A (1)
 8-cell Lithium-Ion (2)
HP 8-cell 63Wh Li-Ion Primary Battery (NZ375AA)
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HP 8-cell 63Wh Li-Ion Primary Battery (NZ375AA)
Manufacturer:  ( HEWLETT PACKARD )
40,700 AMD

Looking for more power autonomy? Keep on working, playing, or watching movies for an extended period of time with this compact, lightweight battery.
Stay productive during client or customer visits, finish off work during your flight and then sit back and watch your favorite movie.
Use your notebook without having to plug in the AC adapter.
Fits seamlessly into the existing system battery slot.