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Price Range:
 50 000 - 99 900 (1)
 Intel (1)
Data Bus Speed:
 1001MHz - 1500MHz (1)
Supported RAM:
Supported CPU Socket Type:
 LGA1156 Socket (1)
Form Factor:
 Micro ATX (1)
Intel Desktop Board DP55WB
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Intel Desktop Board DP55WB
Manufacturer:  ( INTEL )
60,600 AMD

With the Intel Desktop Board DP55WB you can cash in on an affordable board solution while exploring new levels of performance with the latest Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i5 processors. This board has a micro-ATX form factor and loads of expansion capabilities – PCI Express* 2.0 x16 slot, 4 DIMMs slots for DDR3 memory, and eight back panel USB 2.0 ports – allowing for one feature-rich system.