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Price Range:
 5 000 - 9 900 (2)
 Dicota (2)
CamPocket Film
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CamPocket Film
Manufacturer:  ( DICOTA )
5,200 AMD

Practical camera bag for digital equipment

camPocketFilm2 Our CamPocket Film is designed with a thick, cushioned compartment for secure storage of your digital equipment. The flap is closed with a Velcro fastening and allows for quick retrieval of your camera. The two cushioned side flaps of the main compartment protect your digital equipment from above and prevent rain or spray water from entering the bag!
In addition the CamPocket Film is equipped with a small zipper-locked compartment to transport your storage media (memory cards).
It’s for you to decide how you would like to carry your CamPocket Film. The removable shoulder strap and the button-activated belt loop offers all options!
CamPocket Film is made of high-quality, robust artificial leather and available in the classic color black!