IT Essentials

Lab 2.3.4: Computer Disassembly
Lab 3.2.0: Install the Power Supply
Lab 3.3.3: Install the Motherboard
Lab 3.5.2: Install the Drives
Lab 3.6.3: Install Adapter Cards
Lab 3.8.2: Complete the Computer Assembly
Lab 3.9.2: Boot the Computer 
Lab 5.4.2: Install Windows XP
Lab 5.4.5: Create Accounts and Check for Updates
Lab 5.5.1: Run Commands
Lab 5.5.4: Install Third-Party Software
Lab 5.6.2: Restore Points
Lab 5.6.3: Windows Registry Backup and Recovery
Lab 7.4.2: Install All-in-One Device and Software
Lab 8.9.2: Configure an Ethernet NIC to Use DHCP
Lab 11.4.1: Install a NIC
Lab 11.4.3: Install Additional RAM
Lab 11.4.4: BIOS File Search
Lab 11.4.5: Install, Configure, and Partition a Second Hard Drive
Lab 11.6.3: Repair Boot Problem
Lab 12.2.2: Advanced Installation of Windows XP Curriculum
Lab 12.2.3: Creating a Partition in Windows XP Pro
Lab 12.2.4: Customize Virtual Memory Settings
Lab 12.2.5: Install an Alternate Browser (Optional)
Lab 12.4.1: Schedule Task Using GUI and at Command
Lab 12.5.3: Fix an Operating System Problem
Lab 14.2.4: Install an All-in-One Printer/Scanner
Lab 14.3.2: Share the All-in-One Printer/Scanner
Lab 14.4.2: Optimize Scanner Output
Lab 14.6.3: Fix a Printer 
Lab 15.4.2a: Configure Browser Settings
Lab 15.4.2b: Share a Folder, Share a Printer, and Set Share Permissions
Lab 15.5.1: Install a Wireless NIC
Lab 15.5.2: Configure a Wireless Router
Lab 15.5.3: Test the Wireless NIC
Lab 15.8.3: Fix Network Problem
Lab 16.3.2: Configure Windows XP Firewall
Lab 16.5.3: Fix a Security Problem