Lab 1-1, Tcl Script Reference and Demonstration
Lab 2-1, EIGRP Configuration, Bandwidth, and Adjacencies
Lab 2-2, EIGRP Load Balancing
Lab 2-3, EIGRP Summarization and Default Network Advertisement
Lab 2-4, EIGRP Frame Relay Hub-and-Spoke: Router Used as a Frame Relay Switch
Lab 2-5, EIGRP Authentication and Timers
Lab 2-6, EIGRP Challenge Lab
Lab 2-7, Troubleshooting EIGRP
Lab 3-1, Single-Area OSPF Link Costs and Interface Priorities
Lab 3-2, Multi-Area OSPF with Stub Areas and Authentication
Lab 3-3, OSPF Virtual Links and Area Summarization
Lab 3-4, OSPF over Frame Relay
Lab 3-5, OSPF Challenge Lab
Lab 3-6, OSPF Troubleshooting Lab
Lab 3-7, OSPF Case Study
Lab 4-1, Redistribution Between RIP and OSPF
Lab 4-2, Redistribution Between EIGRP and OSPF
Lab 4-3, Manipulating Administrative Distances
Lab 4-4, EIGRP and OSPF Case Study
Lab 5-1, Configure and Verify Path Control
Lab 5-2, Configure IP SLA Tracking and Path Control
Lab 6-1, Configuring BGP with Default Routing
Lab 6-2, Using the AS_PATH Attribute
Lab 6-3, Configuring IBGP and EBGP Sessions, Local Preference, and MED
Lab 6-4, BGP Route Reflectors and Route Filters
Lab 6-5, BGP Case Study
Lab 7-1, Configure Routing Facilities to the Branch Office
Lab 8-1, Configuring OSPF for IPv6
Lab 8-2, Using Manual IPv6 Tunnels with EIGRP for IPv6
Lab 8-3, Configuring 6to4 Tunnels
Lab 8-4, IPv6 Challenge Lab
Lab 8-5, IPv6 Troubleshooting Lab