Routing Protocols and Concepts

Activity 6.4.1: Basic VLSM Calculation and Addressing Design
Activity 6.4.2: Challenge VLSM Calculation and Addressing Design
Activity 6.4.3: Troubleshooting a VLSM Addressing Design
Activity 6.4.4: Basic Route Summarization
Activity 6.4.5: Challenge Route Summarization
Activity 6.4.6: Troubleshooting Route Summarization
Lab 1.5.1: Cabling a Network and Basic Router Configuration
Lab 1.5.2: Basic Router Configuration
Lab 1.5.3: Challenge Router Configuration
Lab 2.8.1: Basic Static Route Configuration
Lab 2.8.2: Challenge Static Route Configuration
Lab 2.8.3: Troubleshooting Static Routes
Lab 3.5.2: Subnetting Scenario 1
Lab 3.5.3: Subnetting Scenario 2       
Lab 3.5.4: Subnetting Scenario 3
Lab 4.6.1: Routing Table Interpretation Lab
Lab 5.6.1: Basic RIP Configuration
Lab 5.6.2: Challenge RIP Configuration
Lab 5.6.3: RIP Troubleshooting
Lab 7.5.1: RIPv2 Basic Configuration Lab
Lab 7.5.2: RIPv2 Challenge Configuration Lab
Lab 7.5.3: RIPv2 Troubleshooting Lab
Lab 8.4.1: Investigating the Routing Table Lookup Process
Lab 8.4.2: Show IP Route Challenge Lab
Lab 9.6.1: Basic EIGRP Configuration Lab
Lab 9.6.2: Challenge EIGRP Configuration Lab
Lab 9.6.3: EIGRP Troubleshooting Lab
Lab 11.6.1: Basic OSPF Configuration Lab
Lab 11.6.2: Challenge OSPF Configuration Lab
Lab 11.6.3: OSPF Troubleshooting Lab