Unicomp holds a seminar jointly with Intel and Microsoft

14th September in Tsakhadzor Unicomp held, jointly with Intel and Microsoft, a seminar for Armenia's IT specialists. Their aim was to demonstrate the newest hardware and software developments, especially those worked out for businesses. Both the number of specialists present there (more than seventy) and of the companies they represented were quite impressive - besides IT firms - Synopsis Armenia, Virage Logic, WEB, Arminco, Armenian Software and others, telecommunications companies attended, such as K-Telecom and Armentel, and so did the banks - Converse Bank, VTB, Inecombank, universities - Yerevan State Medical University, American University of Armenia,others,leading private companies, such as Rusal-Armenal, Cascade Capital Holding, KPMG Armenia, Government ministries - Ministry of Transport, MFA, NGOs, etc.

Armen Baldryan - Alexander Chursin
Armen Baldryan and Alexander Chursin(left)

As the Intel Director of Marketing for Russia and CIS countries Alexander Chursin pointed out, "it is interesting to note that current period of economic growth in Armenia coincides with really revolutionary changes in the Intel Corporation, manifested by the changeover from Pentium to Core technology". The Intel experts say that it is exactly the IntelavProO technology that meets all basic requirements to the corporate computer networks - great capacity, i.e. high speed, guaranteed safety and confidentiality of the data, minimal reliance on the IT service. Moreover, in their words the Quad Core technology is a real revolutionary one. The Intel team pointed that their technology reveals its advantages to the fullest extent when in server use. The new technology provides increased work capability, enlarged memory, enhanced data exchange, and, probably, most importantly, "virtualization"; the latter means substantial savings in terms of money and time. Quad Core servers are only a bit more expensive than Dual Core hardware, and energy consumption is practically the same. And productivity of those servers is unprecedented, which explains the unprecedented volume of sales - more than one million Quad Core servers were sold this year. As to the 4-processor units (in comparison with the previous generation of 2-processor servers),it is the pinnacle of IT technology! 4-processor units have significantly decreased the workload of each processor. It is natural that hardware producers i.e. Intel, is closely cooperating with the software producers, i.e. Microsoft. As the Country Manager of Microsoft Armenia, Grigor Barseghyan, pointed out, "The two company logos (Intel and Microsoft) are often displayed on one computer". He specially emphasised that such cooperation serves as a guarantee of the high quality of the end product. "Microsoft Armenia also closely cooperates with Unicomp (# 1 Intel partner in Armenia and, in fact, in the entire region of the South Caucasus)", said Mr Barseghyan, "and the seminar is another proof of their cooperation".He specially thanked Unicomp for the excellent organization of the event. Mr Barsegyan told to the gathered about the new Microsoft OS - Windows Vista. He said that among its advantages the foremost are: the high degree of information security, high productivity and efficiency. He also mentioned that the product is specifically targeted against copy-right piracy. Mr Barsegyan told the audience that Microsoft has already sold several million copies of Windows Vista. The Microsoft team disclosed information related to other products as well, in particular, OS Windows Server 2008, calling it "revolutionary". Reciprocating a question of a journalist on the goal of such a seminars, Unicomp CEO Armen Baldryan said the following. "We keep holding such events as they are very important in terms of contacts between IT specialists. Secondly, as all the IT companies are planning ahead, we exchange news of the forthcoming products due in the next 1-2 months". Responding to our question whether Unicomp plans to manufacture products with "Intel novelties" inside, Mr Baldryan also stressed that Unicomp is already integrating all of the Intel novelties in our products, with the newest software, with Windows Vista, in particular.

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