Intel Presents its New Processors in Almaty

On 28 January 2010 the Intel Corporation inaugurated its new fami­ly of Intel® Core™ processors for the first time in the countries of Central Asia and South Caucasus for experts and mass media reps came to Almaty from the countries of the region including Armenia especially for the event. The processors are manufactured in accordance with the require­ments of the so-called 32-nanometer technology for notebooks, desktop PCs and networks sup­porting Intel® Turbo Boost and Intel® Hyper Threading, demon­strating the higher degree of inte­gration and special, "smart" perfor­mance rate. The new models were launched at a presentation in Almaty by the Intel Regional Director in the countries of Central Asia and South Caucasus Dmitry Kissel, Intel technical experts Alexey Rogachkov and Alexandr Khomenko and Intel CIS director of press service Mikhail Rybakov.

Intel long time partner firms such as Hewlett -Packard (HP), Asus, Acer and some other companies also dis­played new PC models built around the new Intel® Core™ processors of 2010.


Intel® Core™ processors in Almaty

"The new series of Intel® Core™ 2010 processors we are celebrating today is a milestone triumph of new tech­nologies," said Dmitry Kissel at the presentation ceremo­ny entitled as "Techno Core 2010. New Stars in the East". "The 2010 processors self-adjust as per pro­gram requirements, boosting their output in excess of the nominal just when it is actually required, and saving maximum energy whenever possible otherwise”.
Mr Kissel characterised their long-term cooperation with Armenian partners as "very fruit­ful", which fully applies to Unicomp, a long-time Intel partner in Armenia, still the only - in the RA and one of the very few part­ners in CIS which holds the top accolade for an inte­grator company - the Intel Channel Premier Partner.
Dmitry Kissel said Intel provides "maximum support" to Armenian partners, - in regular activities on "very seri­ous" training and upgrading of technical specialists aimed at them being able to construct the most optimal solutions for the end con­sumers of Intel products, as well as holding joint marketing actions.

Speaking about further collaboration with Armenia, Mr Kissel noted: "Our long­ time partners Hewlett-Packard and Unicomp are involved in the "Computer for All" program being currently implemented in Armenia; HP experts informed us on results of its pilot stage. We think the program is a right project, so at the moment we are considering as to which format we should support our partners in their efforts".

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