Unicomp Sponsors Cybersports Competitions

The Intel Corporation and its Number 1 partner not only in Armenia, but in fact in the entire Southern Caucasus region, Unicomp, are very keen on popularizing cutting-edge technologies among the young people.
Fast growth of information technologies worldwide has spawned a new sector, the so-called cybergames, attracting the interest of the young.
That interest is so wide-spread that even the World Cyber Games Association has been formed. The National Professional League of Cybersports of Armenia held national qualification competitions 1-2 of March in order to select three best gamers who would represent the country at the forthcoming European Cybersports Championship in Hannover, Germany on March 15-18.


Cybersports Competitions

General sponsors of the national qualification competitions, Intel and Unicomp, provided Unicomp-made and based on the newest Dual Core 2 Duo processor and iPAT (Intel Platform Administration Technology) computers. The above mentioned technology facilitates operation of computers and computer networks, for instance, in Internet clubs and schools, cutting costs at the same time.

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