Computer for All Program Seems to Be a Success

Below you might find an extract from interview of Unicomp Founding CEO Armen Baldryan with Noyan Tapan news agency on, among others, the first outcomes of Computer for All Program launched officially on September 17.


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- Mr Baldryan, please tell us how the Program is running?

- It was a pleasant surprise to all of us that the number of people wishing to purchase a computer exceeded our expectations several times; evidently, our society positively reacts to any good novelty. And it is important that people view the computer as a necessary tool and choose those models which meet their specific demands best. Two hundred notebooks destined for the 45-day pilot stage of the Program run out in a fortnight. On the last day of Digitec 2009 we convened a special meeting to discuss implementation of this stage of the Program. And that discussion was quite important. I should point out that the private companies participating in the program (Unicomp, HP, Microsoft- NT) do not anticipate any profit at the given stage; they even made some contributions from their own resources. The greatest profit we expect from the project is widespread electronic literacy and access to the Internet and computers in Armenia. Unfortunately, our country ranks 131st in the world by this index, so it is obvious that the Armenian model of the Program should be much more adapted to the local conditions. We could say even this program is to some extent unique, and it is not occasional that many countries are already interested in studying its experience. During the discussion the representatives of a number of Armenian private companies expressed a wish to join the program, as the number of the computers offered will be much more in the next stages. It had been decided beforehand that companies would be offered this opportunity in early 2010, when the main stage of “Computer for All” Program starts. However, due to an unprecedented activity of the people, as I’ve told already, it is likely that in a week or two other Armenian companies will have a chance to join the program selling the computers as well. Soon the citizens of Gyumri and Vanadzor also will have an opportunity to purchase PCs within the framework of the Program, and currently Unicomp and HP specialists are carrying trainings for local sellers.

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