December 6, 2005

One of the oldest and most respectable Armenian newspapers, the Hayastani Hanrapetoutiun daily, published a story titled "Intel Expands its Programs in Armenia" in its "Information Technology" section. The article is subtitled "With Support from its Partner in Armenia Unicomp".

The article covers the visit of Prime Minister of Armenia Andranik Margaryan to the pavilion of one of the world IT grands, the Intel Corporation during the second stage of the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) held in Tunisia on November 16-18, 2005. One of the Prime Minister's entourage, Unicomp Founder and CEO Armen Baldryan told the newspaper:"As the Intel Corporation displays comprehensive interest in Armenia, emphasized by nomination of Unicomp as IntelO Premier Provider, we deemed it appropriate to reciprocate by elevating our relations to the highest government level". The story also quoted the then-Intel Director for CIS countries Ian Drew referring to Armenia as "the rising sun of the IT world".

Mr Margaryan was briefed on the Corporation's most recent breakthroughs in Wi-Fi and Wi-Max technologies. He also expressed great interest in Intel's involvement in educational programs in the so-called emerging markets, most notably China currently boasting impressive achievements in the IT area after 15 years of cooperation with Intel.

The Prime Minister was greeted at the Intel pavilion by President of the Corporation Dr Craig Barrett. He also had a meeting with other top executives of Intel, and he emphasized special importance to Armenia of Wi-Fi and Wi-Max wireless technologies being spread as possible thus enabling the Marzes, however remote, to connect with the Internet. Another crucial aspect of developing relations with the Intel Corporation, from the Prime Minister's point of view is Intel's involvement in various educational and pilot programs in Armenia. He also said the government of Armenia relies on the Intel Corporation's assistance in promoting Armenian IT products' export worldwide. The Corporation's chiefs warmly welcomed the Prime Minister's suggestions and accepted his invitation to visit the country.

The article hints at a possibility of staging a meeting of the Intel Solutions Advisory Council (one of the nine members of which is Armen Baldryan) in Armenia. The newspaper concludes with a reminder to its readers that Unicomp is one of the most significant and accurate corporate taxpayers in Armenia, and that the company policy stipulates involvement in educational programs throughout the country.

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