December 24, 2005


The Hayastani Hanrapetotiun daily featured an article by Karin Grigorian who attended a scholarly conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the visit of the great Norwegian humanist Fritjof Nansen to Armenia. The conference was held on December 23 at the National Academy of Sciences.

Director of the Fritjof Nansen Foundation Felix Bakhchinian pointed out that fifty thousand Armenians were repatriated from Western Armenia (occupied until now by Ottoman Turkey) and Greece thanks to Nansen's efforts. The fact that the world powers today support the Armenian Cause (Hay Dat) must be largely attributed to the great humanist's efforts as well. The Foundation awards Nansen Gold memorial medals to persons and organizations in recognition of their achievements in social and humanitarian spheres and for outstanding contribution to advancement of the Armenian Cause.

In 2005 eight dignitaries received the award, and CEO of Unicomp Armen Baldryan among them. When interviewed by the newspaper (introduced to the readers as "an investor in Armenia's IT industry") he said:"Nansen's name is revered by the Armenian people, it is a name all of us know from childhood". He added that it was a great honour to him to receive a Nansen medal.

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