January 5, 2006

The Decebazismber issue of “Bazis. The First Armenian Magazine on Economics" Russian language monthly devoted practically its entire "IT-zone" section to a 5-pages-long, with 5 large colorful photographs, comprehensive (to the point of being encyclopaedic) article under the title "Intel Inside. Made in Armenia. By Unicomp" (subtitled "Armen Baldryan: Business must be Honest"). The author of the article, one of the most experienced, especially in IT coverage, Armenian journalists, Gourgen Khazhakian reveals details of his “undercover journalistic investigation” carried out at the Unicomp.

We are confident that the highlights of the article would be interesting to the visitors of the official Unicomp website.


"I pretended to be a bona fide customer and spent several hours at the Unicomp, subjecting salesmen to never-ending and detailed questioning concerning all aspects of the vast range of company products, and all of them were invariably polite and willing to cooperate which, unfortunately, is a rare thing in Armenia today. Moreover, when they realized that I, too, am a Yerevan Polytechnic Institute graduate, like many of them, they treated me to a meal of tasty home-made salads and spaghetti at the company canteen. After such unprecedented service I can wholeheartedly endorse an opinion one of the local business weeklies had published - if I'll ever need to buy a PC, the only place to go to is the Unicomp".

The Bazis article throws light on the history of the company, detailing principles laid in the foundation of the Unicomp, and the sizable part is dedicated to the partnership between the Unicomp and the Intel, be it assembly-line production of notebooks based on the state-of-the-art Intel® Centrino™ technology, or Intel® Pentium 4 PC production based on Hyper-Threading technology, Intel Hudson server based on Intel® Xeon processor, or Unicomp-Intel Corporative Academic Program providing the framework within which above-mentioned PCs have been donated to various Universities, and an entire classroom equipped with mobile notebooks has been gifted to the Yerevan School 198.

Referring to the latter, the author quotes K.Tokarev (Intel Director for South Caucasus and Central Asia) and Ian Drew (the then-Intel Director for CIS countries), both of whom arrived in Armenia to participate in the opening ceremony. Kirill Tokarev said: "Mobile classroom and wireless access to the Internet is a more economic solution as they save electric power and render special environment redundant".

Ian Drew remarked that support to education and science forms an important element of the Intel global strategy, and in the eight years since the start of the Intel Corporate Academic Program in CIS countries the Corporation has invested more than 8 million US Dollars in education and science.


But as the article says, "this does not limit the charitable actions of the Intel-Unicomp partnership", detailing the contract between Unicomp and the Armenian Converse Bank which extends credit facilities to students purchasing Unicomp notebooks - only 20 percent of the total cost to be paid as the first instalment and the balance to be paid for over the next 30 months.

Bazis quotes Baldryan as saying that while Intel entered the Russian market on its own, Unicomp took the initiative and approached the computer giant with an attractive offer of cooperation, which resulted, apart from other pleasant consequences, in Unicomp receiving the highest status of the Intel® Premier Provider.

"It is very important to note that Unicomp not only produces hardware but also provides the so-called “complex (end)” solutions: hardware+software+servicing, including e-governm

ent, e-business, e-education”, the article says, describing how all those benefits have been demonstrated at various exhibitions, not only local events, such as Digitec or Medical Expo, but huge international fora as CeBIT, BITKOM and others.

The story rounds off with an impressive list of other international partners of Unicomp such as world known Hewlett Packard, Super Micro, Tripp Lite, Emtec Magnetics (BASF),o

thers and also of prominent clients including the Government of Armenia with its various Ministries, numerous foreign Embassies in Yerevan, leadind banks and leading local as well as international business entities, and IT companies such as Synopsys, Lycos, Armenian Software and others.

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